Russia’s conflict has changed dramatically! Russia begins to bow its head for help, and Ukraine may become a “prisoner”

Russia and Ukraine, which are concerned by the outside world, have always been the two sides who are better, and which side can gain the upper hand and win the final victory. Now that winter is coming, the outside world is looking forward to winter or a turning point in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. But unexpectedly, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has changed dramatically. Recently, it was revealed that Russia has begun to bow to India for help, providing a 14-page demand list, covering about 500 categories, including various components of automobile manufacturing and aviation industries. India also wants to take this opportunity to increase trade with Russia and achieve a win-win situation. As we all know, since the beginning of the conflict in Russia, there has been almost no news that Russia has asked other countries for help. For most people, Russia has been fighting against other countries on its own, and the weapons used by soldiers at the front line are mostly Russian stocks. Even before the appearance of Iranian drones, Iran declared that it had signed a contract with Russia before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Generally speaking, Russia is still outnumbered. This time, Russia took the initiative to ask India for help. On the one hand, it started to change its strategy on behalf of Russia, and it was no longer confined to itself. On the other hand, it is Russia that faces difficulties in production that will seek assistance from India. In the contest with Ukraine, armored vehicles, fighter planes and transport vehicles are consumed every day. It is the most effective way to directly purchase the parts needed for production. Therefore, it is normal for Russia to bow its head properly. Make the right choice and strengthen yourself is the most important goal. Russia’s move can also prove that Russia will increase its investment, and the current bow is also the rhythm of doing a big job. Judging from the overall situation, Ukraine has been sustained until now because of the help of western countries. Moreover, Zelenski’s first thought in the face of difficulties is to seek assistance. If all western countries stop everything, Ukraine will fall into any situation of slaughter. If Poland really has such an intention, then there is another situation that Poland is no longer worried about the influence of western countries. Before, the President of Poland had been tough on the EU: Poland would not give in another step. Words have been said to the tooling, which means Poland is fearless. Therefore, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is unpredictable, and we can only wait for time to give an answer.

This time, the U.S. called on both sides to solve the problem through dialogue. It is also highly probable that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has caused its domestic inflation to be high and problems to continue. If there is another conflict in Kosovo, the U.S. may be overwhelmed, and the benefits gained from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict may have to be spit out.


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Post time: Dec-06-2022