O’Micron is coming! Europe and the United States have been poked into a “heart attack”

Last week, the new variant strain of COVID-19 virus reported by South Africa and other countries caused strong shocks in the global market. Although the impact of the new strain is not clear, the markets in Europe and the United States are frightened and fluctuate violently, mainly because the speculation that “the new strain will invalidate the existing diagnosis and treatment methods and vaccines” has fundamentally shaken the existing anti-epidemic route in Europe and the United States. and then affect the global economic recovery. This really pokes and aggravates the “heart disease” of European and American markets.


On November 26th, the World Health Organization listed COVID-19 virus mutant B.1.1.529 as a variant strain of “need to pay attention”, and named it after the Greek letter “Omicron”. The mutant strain was first identified in South Africa on November 9 and reported to World Health Organization (WHO) for the first time on the 24th. World Health Organization (WHO) said, “there are a large number of mutations in this variant strain, some of which are worrying.”


At present, developed economies such as Europe and the United States have quickly implemented travel restrictions, and Japan, Israel and other countries have also announced “closure” measures. Although this reflects the grim situation faced by all countries, we should also see that they have changed and adopt positive factors of strict epidemic prevention. If the countries concerned can mend after the sheep are lost, truly learn from the successful experience of other countries in fighting the epidemic, and at the same time actively participate in promoting global cooperation in the fight against epidemic, then the epidemic of the Omicron virus strain can be turned into an opportunity to reverse the global epidemic situation. If we still deal with the current epidemic only in our own interests and in the narrow pattern of “do not die and be poor”, then it may be a long way for some countries to get rid of the epidemic.
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Post time: Dec-17-2021