About Us

Foshan Qianbei Hardware Furniture Co., Ltd.

was established in 2013.

Foshan Qianbei Hardware Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2013.

It is a diversified business enterprise integrating production, sales and product research and development. The company is committed to the production and development of professional electronic competitive furniture, including three main items: gaming desk, lifting desk and gaming chair. 

Its products are suitable for home gaming tables and chairs, as well as for Internet cafes, new online cafes, and various special customized furniture for hand games and E-sport games halls.


Why Choose Us


Our product development team are gamers and constantly look for the latest trends in gaming to bring innovative products to the community. TwoBlow has grown largely thanks to its focus on high quality products, top level design and a commitment to expansion.

From beginnings in China, to becoming a globally recognised name in the industry, TwoBlow now sells product in almost every part of the world including America, Europe, UAE and Australasia.

From the beginning of its establishment, the company has been positioned in the production of high-end quality products.

From Internet cafe tables and chairs to gaming desks and chairs, we have always regarded quality as the survival standard of enterprises, as many as hundreds of cooperative units, which reflects the road of our enterprise development over the years: "Credit for development, quality for survival!"

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Our Idea

TwoBlow was born from a simple idea: To rethink one of the most underrated pieces of gaming equipment and turn it into something that helps gamers play better and healthier.

Our Promise

It is our no.1 priority to ensure that our gaming community is more than satisfied with the products they receive. That’s why all TwoBlow products are independently inspected to ensure they surpass all EU and USA standards, to ensure a quality and safe product for you and your family.

Our Team

Our team consists of various specialists but first and foremost, we are all gamers! We place high importance on the fact that everyone who works with us can identify with the needs and desires of gamers. Our ultimate goal is not only manufacture desks but also make sure that you enjoy gaming in the best possible way!